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(Re)Reading is Fundamental

Read It Again, Sam I Am
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We love books. But why another book-related community on LJ? Because we're adults who love to read young adult fiction-new books and books we loved when we were young adults. Right now, as a fledgling community, we'll try and read one book a month, together, and provide a space, and some questions to use as a basis for talking about it.

Our definition of "adult" in this regard is pretty flexible. Really, we mean "people whose chronological age is outside the target audience for the books we've chosen."

Here's how it works.

Your esteemed and well read moderators (that would be melebeth and geminigirl) will choose a book, and post about it. At that point, we'll also open a post with screened comments (to avoid spoilers) for everyone to contribute discussion questions to. At the beginning of the following month, we'll post those discussion questions, and open up a general dialogue about the book, and talk about it.

You can nominate books for each month in our Book Nominating Post. Please list title and author. The rules for nominating are very few. It must be a chapter book-we're not looking to read Harold and the Purple Crayon, or Hop on Pop, it must be available in English (whether originally written or translated,) and it must be relatively easy to get from a book seller or library. It's no fun if most of us can't get the book. We expect things that we're reading to be at about the level of someone in grade five (around ten years old) or above.